Mandalas have always been a part of my life; especially since they have strong positive aspects on my well being, help me meditate and focus my thoughts and energy on things that matter.

Mandala actually means “sacred life” in Sanskrit, and has both a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and with Native Americans. The Mandala can be considered in a metaphorical aspect as an image representing the Universe itself. Some of the first Mandalas were painted on paper, wood, stone and even on the wall. The influence of the Mandalas was so great that they even became part of the architectural structure in the Ancient times.

There is also a good reason that the Mandalas are made in the shape of a circle. The circle represents the perfect infinitum, the beginning and the end and symbolizes the wonders of nature. The space in the middle is shaped and changed from an ordinary area to something sacred for that group or individual. All Mandalas are created from the inside out and take their own shape, color and patterns depending on the message or healing that is being evoked.

The colors of the Mandala have its own meaning and are then further connected to the Chakras:

White: Peace, rest, contemplation, openness, faith
Yellow: Nourishment and restraint, humility, effort
Red: Subjugation, power, the life force, memory
Blue: Healing, wisdom, life, infinity, purity and Life, blue
Green: Exorcism, meditation
Black: Anger, death, darkness

Mandalas have a healing aspect that has from my experience been very lucrative. They really do help me with my meditations, with focusing my energy and intents, spreading the good vibes and starting my day strong and fresh.
Recently, I came across the work of a Croatian artist – Gordana Grahovar. She makes these beautiful and breathtaking Mandalas from rhinestones, every Mandala has at least 700 of them. They come in a glass frame and can be placed on the wall. My Mandala is White and found its place over the headboard of my bed.
If you are looking for your very own Mandala that definitely will invoke your inner creative side and inspiration, check out Gordana’s on the link:

Once you choose your own Mandala focus on its center and move slowly to the other parts of the Mandala to start your life-changing journey. Clear your mind and follow your intuition as you feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into the Mandala until you fully start to feel the peace and joy you deserve.

I hope you will enjoy the experience as much as I did!

Choose your Mandala today and let your intuition guide you to the best combination of colors and textures!


Written and e-mailed to us by: Deedee, Highly Vibrant Soul