The MyMat is a Pulsing Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) device, which produces dynamic therapeutic signals that create a symphony of waves that stimulate cells to restore their biological communication pathways, thus, induce the body’s natural healing process.

MyMat’s frequencies generate low intensity harmonic electro-magnetic signals that range in frequencies between 1Hz – 200Hz that stimulate cells to induce body’s natural self-healing processes. MyMat’s frequencies help activate the body’s self-regulation processes to improve well-being and the elimination of problematic symptoms in cells, tissues and organs, which occur from stress, poor nutrition, toxins, environment, trauma and aging.

The MyMat offers possibilities to experience these harmonic frequencies from the comfort of your home, once or while you are on the move by simply downloading the MyMat Application on your phone or tablet.



  • Energy Boost
  • Strengthening Immune System
  • Bone Repair
  • Pain Reduction
  • Improving Circulation
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Detoxification
  • Weight Loss
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Chakras
  • Elements and Meridians


What is a PEMF device and how can it benefit you?

In order to understand the benefits of such a device, one must understand what is a Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) and its therapeutic use.

All energy on Earth is electromagnetic – present in nature, in our bodies, in our cells. Even the planet has its own magnetic field, caused by molten lava fluctuations in the core. Nothing happens on our Earth or in our bodies without an electromagnetic exchange between cells. When electromagnetic activity stops, life ends. Changes in electromagnetic patterns in our cells cause changes in their metabolism and function, be they chemical or functional changes, disrupting or hindering our natural, healthy, state of well-being.

The concept behind PEMF treatment is simple – all matter (cells, organisms, pathogens etc.) emanates specific electromagnetic waves in their original healthy genetic design. These waves can be detected and imitated. When an organ or gland becomes diseased, a body part injured or anything falls away from the ordinary condition of well-being these waves are altered. PEMF treatments are based on emitting these “healthy” or correctly functioning wavelengths back into the human body in order to neutralize the negative communication. By letting the body re-learn the correct method of bio-communication it stimulates self-healing, known as recovery.

We are living in a sphere of man-made electromagnetic fields most of our day (and night) such as power lines, microwaves, Wi-Fi signals, cellphones etc. that de-synchronize our natural electromagnetic fields.

Along with exposure to external symptoms many issues in our body are based on cells that are acting and reacting in an unnatural, unhealthy way. By re-synchronizing these cells with frequencies at the right intensity for our body to accept them, PEMF’s are widely used to improve circulation and cell metabolism.

PEMF therapies also present an alternative to many pharmaceutical treatments with no risks of toxicity or side effects. PEMF therapy uses a variation of electromagnetic fields consisting of rectangular or arbitrary waveforms, pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), pulsed modulated radio frequency waveforms in the 15–40 MHz range, and low frequency sinusoidal waveforms (< 100 Hz).


What makes MyMat so special?

MyMat is not just another PEMF device – it is the first wireless one!

By simply connecting your MyMat to an Application on your smart phone, MyMat sends to your body the perfect symphony of frequencies to initiate the self-healing process on a cellular level.

Our body, our organs, our cells communicate in a fascinating way through frequencies. The MyMat works with pulsed electromagnetic frequencies – the same language with which our cells communicate.

The specifically designed symphony of low PEMF frequencies of the MyMat communicate directly to every cell, tissue and organ stimulating the self-healing process and this in turn resulting in better physical and emotional health. .

Fine-tuning can be done daily in only minutes and when symptoms are present a session with the MyMat used either alone or along with other therapies may help to recuperate much faster.


How to use your MyMat?

The unit comes in a complete package with a USB cable and charger, a pouch, user’s manual and the MyMat.

To get yourself started, simply:

  • Download the MyMat Application to your phone or tablet
  • You will need a new icon for MyMat
  • Setup your username and password details
  • Choose the program combinations that suit your needs the most

By simply following the instructions in the manual and choose one or more program combinations that fit you best. When you have decided which program you need most, push the start button on MyMat, then connect it to the WiFi on your phone, run the program and let the gentle frequencies restore your system.

You are just a few simple steps away from a healthier life and your MyMat is ready to go!

If you are sitting, place your MyMat against your stomach or lower back. If you are lying on your back, put it on your stomach. Do not sit on or excessively bend your MyMat, it can damage the internal electronics.

A few little recommendations prior to use:

  • Read the instructions carefully
    · Do not expose the unit to water
    · Do not apply the Detox program if pregnant
  • Drink water before and after each session



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