Frequency Healing – How can it benefit you?

Frequency healing is a way to heal and recover using the power of frequencies. It is a way to heal both mentally and physically and there are a range of methods that this can be accomplished. There are a lot of different vibrations that can affect the body and mind and with the help of certain machines and technology frequency healing has become a lot more effective. It takes practice to master but a number of scientific studies have found that frequencies do have an effect on our mental states and it can be used to calm patients and help their troubled minds. The various frequencies all have a different effect and it is personal preference as to which one to choose. Regardless of the frequencies and sounds, you should definitely invest in frequency healing technology is you’re looking to master this craft and become an expert.

Frequency Healing Technology – The Benefits and Limitations

There are a lot of different technologies that can help you during frequency healing and they have been seen to be very effective. As technology advances and our understanding of medicine expands, the number of frequency healing technology grows and becomes a lot more helpful when you are trying to master the craft. There are a lot of benefits to frequency healing technologies but, as with all technology, there are also a few limitations.

The Benefits of Frequency Healing Technology

There are a lot of benefits to this technology and they tend to outweigh the limitations. Here are a few:

  • Frequency healing technology can boost your energy levels
  • It can strengthen your immunity
  • It is great for reducing your pain
  • If you’re looking to lose weight, you should consider frequency healing technology
  • Great for relieving stress and anxiety brought on through modern living
  • Can help with detoxification

The Limitations of Frequency Healing Technology

Although there are a lot of benefits there are also some limitations to the technology:

  • Some of the machines are very expensive
  • Although there is some evidence it works further research still needs to be performed

Frequency Healing Machines – What is available?

There are a lot of different frequency healing machines that can be used to stimulate sound and help heal your body and mind. They require practice and a bit of money but they are totally worth it if you’re looking to heal in an ancient and natural way.One of these machines is called MyMat and it is very effective and is the first wireless device that you can use to emit frequencies that help and calm the body.

MyMat – The Wireless Frequency Healing Machine

MyMat is a revolutionary device that works based on the concept of Pulsing Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) technology. The device emits a soothing therapeutic wave which helps with the electrical signals between the body’s cells and activates the body’s natural healing processes. The mat has a lot of different frequencies to choose from and it ranges from 1Hz-200Hz giving you plenty of choice. The processes help stimulate the body’s cells and eliminates the problematic ones, relieving particular symptoms that occur from a range of issues including poor nutrition, aging and trauma. What is even better about this device is that it works through an app on your mobile phone and once the app is fully downloaded you are good to go.


What is a PEMF Device?

Before you go jumping in a purchasing a frequency healing machine like MyMat you need to understand what a PEMF machine is and how it works. Basically, these machines work by correcting altered electromagnetic patterns in the body’s cells and biology so that they can be healed and corrected.

Everything on the earth emitted an electrical signal including our own bodies and cells. This electric activity in our bodies is what keeps us alive and without it we would be dead. These electrical signals in our body can change and alter depending on the biological well-being of the body and, depending on how they change, they can affect our metabolism and natural healing which can be problematic.

With the application of PEMF treatment can correct faulty or altered electric patterns in the cells to fix them and realign the signals so the body can begin to naturally heal. Sometimes organs can become damaged and diseased and with frequency healing machines like MyMat they can be slowly fixed. These therapies are an alternative to medical treatment and do not have any nasty side effects or alterations and it is recommended that you try them out.

Other Frequency Healing Machines

As well as MyMat there are also other machines that can be used to produce frequency healing effects and some of them have been tested and scientifically proven by people as prestigious as Nikola Tesla. These devices include the Plasma Generator RPZ 14 and the Biostar NLS.

  • Plasma Generator RPZ 14 – This has been scientifically proven to bring results and is a great way to help nasty illnesses and rid the body of pathogens that the body is unable to fight by itself. This is done through optimizing the energetic health which will activate the body’s natural healing processes and put them in charge. The device can be fine-tuned to target specific pathogens and ignore every other biological function and is a great alternative for medication and pharmacological therapy. The body will be able to rid itself of the pathogens in three weeks when using this device according to research.

  • Biostar NLS – This is a device that is intended for use by health professionals and is a way to examine the biological body in a few minutes. It does this by measuring the nonlinear vortex of magnetic fields and it only requires you to plug the headphones into your laptop and let the sensor do the rest of the work.

These are just a few other devices but there are many more available if you’re looking to become a profession in frequency healing.


Frequency healing is a great method if you are looking to heal and amend your body in a more natural way when compared to pharmacological methods like medication. Frequency healing technology is advancing all the time and with the latest machines you will be able to become a professional and help yourself and others realign the natural electromagnetic currents in the cells and organs. There is some scientific evidence to support the workings of these machines and if you’re after a more natural way of healing you should definitely try frequency healing.


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