//Plasma generator RPZ 14

Plasma generator RPZ 14


Plasma Generator is an electromagnetic pulse generator that emits radio wave frequencies.

Scientifically it has been proven by many researches such as Nikola Tesla, Dr. Albert Abrams,Dr. Rolay Rife, Dr. Hulde Clark and Dr. Lakovsky that each organ, tissue, cell, bacteria, virus, meridian, etc., resonate on their certain spectrum of frequencies. These frequencies range whether the specific part of the body or bodily function is in balance or out of balance.

When exposed to the Plasma Generator with the specific program the body will respond to the frequency being emitted in a way that it will raise its own frequency and adjust to that level of optimal energetic health. Frequency therapy regenerates weakened immune system that is not able to fight pathogens present in the body. When the body is on its optimal energetic level, the self-healing process of the body is activated and in charge.

This device can transmit frequencies to specifically target and help expel pathogen organisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungous) that can be found in the human body causing various illnesses, while at the same time patient’s general condition and biological functions in the body will remain intact. Clinical research has shown that human immune system can dispose of pathogen organisms’ with in three weeks of treatment.



Plasma generator does not have contraindications or expiry date. The device is simple to use – Plasma Generator RPZ 14 can be controlled manually or by a PC; a user can simply choose over 350 treatment programs.

Plasma generator RPZ14 set includes:

Carry case for safe transportation

Double expansion plasma bulb (Plasma tube)

Power cable


USB cable

Software RavoRife

Free software updates

Free customer support

US based warranty service center

Additional information:

Weight                        35 kg

Dimensions     77 x 40 x 36 cm

Technical parameters:

  • Supply voltage: 230V AC
  • Power consumption cca 300W (at 900kHz)
  • 350 settings
  • Effective output power at 900kHz: 225W
  • Instant power of the pulse in higher frequency bend : cca. 7 kW
  • Dimensions: 600 x 300 x 200 mm
  • Weight: 25 Kg

Frequency range:

  • Lower band:  ◦From 1 Hz to 999 Hz

◦Setting of frequency with 1 thousandth of Hz accuracy

◦Pulse length 3 ms

  • Higher band:  ◦From 1 kHz to 900 kHz

◦Setting of frequency with 1 thousandth of kHz accuracy

◦Pulse length 200 ns

Warranty – 24 months

Experimental Plasma Generator RPZ14 is NOT a medical or therapeutic device. It is an Experimental Frequency Generator constructed on the principles of Raymond Rife discoveries and is offered for further exploration of interested individuals or associations –any way of use and application of this generator is in the responsibility of the buyer, the manufacturer and distributor do not haveany responsibility for the effectscaused by the use of this device.


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