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Orgonite Pendants


These Orgonites are a multi-dimensional energetic healing tool that can improve and maintain the balance of both physical and spiritual well-being. They are carefully hand-crafted with specially chosen stones, crystals, and other materials to aid in supporting the soul’s highest purpose.

The components include:

Quartz, Moldavite, Kyanite, Selenite, Hematite, Black Tourmalice, Shungite, Lapis Lazuli, Bosnian Pyramid Crystals, and as well as other gemstones specially hand placed to make these Orgonites a life time experience.

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We offer many different designs, here are just some of them:


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Why are Orgonites so powerful and what is their purpose?

An Orgonite within itself contains carefully placed crystals (even some derived from the site of the Bosnian pyramids), gem stones, metals, 24 karat gold and silver sheets, Sahara Desert sand, a copper spiral and a casing made of non-toxic resin.

The combination of these materials placed around the copper spiral strengthens the body’s energetic field and increases the body’s frequency to vibrate at a higher resonance.

Refanala’s Orgonites are created and inspired from a Pure Heart. They encourage one to be open to, and to experience: unconditional love, balance, harmony, and they help develop an awareness of the soul’s higher purpose, and encourage one to live to that potential.

These are some of the advantages of wearing an Orgonite pendant:

  • Protection. Orgonite provides protection against electromagnetic radiation generated by computers, TV’s, cell phones, microwaves, refrigerators and other electronic equipment, radiation of underground water and cosmic radiation. It deflects negative energy.
  • Immune system. Orgonite provides energy and strength to the immune system. There are reported improvements in diseases such as: respiratory ailments (asthma), sleeping disorders (insomnia), mood disorders (depression), migraine disorders (headache, visual migraine, vertigo), and more.
  • Balance and Emotions. Orgonite balances the energy field (aura) and energy centers (chakras) in a way that serves the soul’s highest purpose. It provides a smooth flow of energy within, helping with healing and promoting unobstructed energy circulation; this promotes joy and harmony. And, because energy can flow smoothly, this will manifest by promoting a feeling of well-being: soothing and overcoming depression, anxiety, grief, fear and stress.
  • Spiritual Consciousness. Orgonite awakens spiritual consciousness and self-love, and promotes harmonious relationships.
  • Mental and Spiritual Abilities. Orgonite enhances mental and spiritual abilities, encourages focus, creativity and has a positive effect on the improvement of memory and faster learning.
  • Regeneration. Orgonite aids in regenerating and healing and is highly important in recovery after surgery and the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases.
  • Dreams and sleep. Orgonite may promote more restful sleep; more vivid, insightful dreams are reported.
  • Calming effect. Orgonite may reduce hyperactivity, especially in children, while helping to improve better focus.

In addition, each Orgonite has a picture/symbol, based on sacred geometry, that emphasizes these energetic properties. Your Orgonite can be custom-made just for you; choose the picture/symbol and crystals that resonate with you. Be creative!


How to program an Orgonite to best serve you?

The practical advantage is that Orgonites are “programmable”, and you never need to “cleanse” them energetically or even “recharge” it. They are made in a way that they adjust to the body’s energetic field and enhance it in a way to raise the frequency of the wearer, therefore, the wearer is the “creator” of its own program.

You can program it to help you achieve anything you desire by simply communicating your intentions to it. It never loses its original function of maintaining the smooth flow of energy and higher vibrations. An Orgonite is alive, and by stating your intentions you are creating an energy relationship so it may serve you and your soul’s highest purpose.

Note from the author

‘’My primary intention in creating Orgonites is to hold the purity of creation, which is not tainted by lower vibrational frequencies or anything which isn’t of the highest purpose and benefit for the soul.

We are all visitors to this time and this place, we are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love … and then to return home – so, let’s make our visit the most pleasurable and fun by raising the vibrations of our existence and awaken the Divine within us.

Focus your attention on yourself, be aware every moment of what you are thinking, feeling, desiring or doing.’’


Orgonite components – to better understand the meaning of the power of Orgonites

These are the crystals that are placed into each Orgonite:

Clear Quartz – is known as the “master healer”. It will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals; it wards off negative energy, neutralizing background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations..

Selenite – generates a very calming and soothing energy. It’s said to be the “stone of mental clarity”, enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening the ability to make good decisions.

Kyanite – prevents the  accumulation or retaining of negative energy or vibration. It brings tranquility and calm to the entire being, with special focus on the throat chakra and third eye.

Hematite – grounds and protects us. It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure. It endows us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality.

Black Tourmaline – also known as schorl, is associated with the root or base chakra, and is excellent for grounding excess energy. It is a well known as a purifying stone that deflects and transforms negative energy, and thus is very protective.

Crystals from the Bosnian Pyramids – are unpolished and rare; there have been findings of delicate varieties of quartz crystals at the sites where untamed and strong healing energies have been measured by scientists.

In addition to the five basic crystals, here are some of many crystals that are also used in creating Orgonites and can be specially chosen by you:

Rose Quartz –  is a stone of unconditional love. It opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. Rose quartz has excellent protection energies during pregnancy and childbirth.

Herkimer Diamond – known as “ascension stones,”  they take one to the highest spiritual vibration possible while still being in the physical body. They boost clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities and act as powerful amplifiers for the smaller stones placed with them.

Cinnabar – has strong metaphysical properties, and it is a stone used for manifestation and wealth creation, also known as the “Merchants Stone”, and “a stone of transformation”.

Shungite – is approximately two billion years old. It is the only known natural material known to contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants. The energy embodied within this ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life.

Moldavite – is a powerful chakra opener and activator, particularly resonating with the heart, third eye, and crown chakras. It is a great stone to work with on a personal and collective level in healing work, practices, and meditations. It has transformative qualities, and begins a process of energetic resonance throughout one’s entire being, thus raising the vibration.

Sodalite – is a stone of logic, rationality, and efficiency. It is helpful for work in groups and stimulates thought. Sodalite is a stone that is good for healing breaches in communication. It is a stone of truth, and brings this to all communications. It can help end arguments or other disagreements. It is particularly useful for honesty of emotions.

Lapis Lazuli – connects the mind and the heart. It is especially useful for those who experience a chronic conflict between workings of the mind (or conscience) and the more spontaneous impulse to follow their heart. Lapis Lazuli is said to help create and maintain a connection between the physical and celestial planes, creating a strong spiritual connection.

Garnet – is a stone of regeneration and energizing.  It can boost the energy of an entire system and revitalize it. Garnet is an energy stone which is especially known for protection during travel, from nightmares, and from wounds. Garnet has been used to release bad karma, which can be considered a form of protection in this life.

Apatite –  is a stone of manifestation. It is related to service and to humanitarian pursuits. Apatite is attuned to the future, yet connects to past lives. It stimulates the development of our psychic gifts and spiritual attunement, deepening meditation and aiding communication and self-expression on all levels.

Citrine – is a heart, kidney, liver and muscle healer. It cleanses vibrations in the atmosphere develops creativity, aids personal clarity, eliminates self-destructive tendencies.

Red Jasper – is one of the oldest known gemstones; it is known to protect against hazards of the night. It is very lucky for actors.  Jasper is a strong securing gemstone; it is a stability gemstone. It provides powerful protection against the negative,  and it eases emotional stresses, making it a wonderful gemstone to have in your home.

Dalmatian Jasper – is a stone that aids in the breaking down of barriers that have been created as protection. This allows moving forward in life and discovering one’s true purpose. It may also relieve the feeling of the need for revenge as its vibration helps to release lack of trust in other people.

Unakite – is a combination of pink feldspar, epidote, and quartz. Feldspar helps one to detach from old ways of doing things, thus permitting creativity to flower. It also assists in self-awareness and self-love. Epidote enhances one’s perceptions, encourages participation with others, and is an aid to self-esteem.

Larimar – is known also as the “Dolphin Stone”, “Blue Pectolite”, “Atlantis Stone”, and “Stefilia’s Stone”. Larimar is a high vibration stone that connects to both the thymus (second heart) and throat chakras. As a stone of communication, clarity and truth, it brings calm and balance to any situation, removing stress and negativity. Larimar will help to embrace change and move through the process effortlessly.

Charoite – is a stone that embodies a unique synthesis between the crown and heart chakras, bringing high spiritual energy into union with unconditional love from the physical plane, and grounding it here on Earth where it is needed most. This is an excellent manifestation tool that embodies very potent energy for the carrier.

Chrysoprase – is a delightful green variety of chalcedony, which is a type of quartz. It brings through the vibration of Divine Truth, promotes joy and happiness while healing the heart of energies such as depression and anxiety. It has metaphysical properties for healing as well as being a stone to attract new love, abundance and prosperity.

Lepidolite – is a variety of mica. It is a stone of calmness, trust, and acceptance. It has a strong relaxing, balancing and calming effect. It brings hope in dark times by lending a sense of balance and calm. Lepidolite is a stone of transformation; it helps one get through transitions and aids in developing the trust that everything will ultimately turn out for the best.

Phenacite – is highly potent vibrationally and a crystal that will generate pure, clear white light. It stimulates and activates your inner vision, the crown chakra, third eye chakra and pineal gland. It promotes rapid personal growth.

Sugilite – is a powerful love stone. It is the protector, escorting away lower energies in your space. When wearing Sugilite,  a “shield of light” is created around the wearer protecting, one from disharmonious or parasitic energies.

Danburite – gently yet powerfully opens the crown chakra then links and attunes it with the heart chakra. It is a healing crystal with a very sweet and pure vibration, with an energy that is extremely uplifting to the spirit. This combination activates the intellect and higher consciousness from a heart based perspective.

Amber – is a fossilized resin. It is popular as it has marvelous metaphysical properties for psychic protection. It is a powerful healer that gives the wearer a lovely sense of health and healing.

Pyrite – is a strong stone that promotes positive thinking and manifestation. It is a beautiful gold color, and for hundreds of years it has been known as “Fools Gold.” Like real gold, it has a lovely luster and its golden shiny appearance is inviting to look at.

Galena – provides grounding and enhances the centering of one’s energies. It is a stone of harmony, stimulating interaction on all levels, and assisting in the decrease of self-limiting ideas. It promotes holistic, homeopathic and herbal medicine studies.

Agate – a good protective energy stone, especially for children, and is very calming and soothing. It also can help strengthen the body’s connection to the earth. It can give courage, energy, strength, and dispels fears, all of which increase self-confidence.

Aventurine – is said to benefit one in all areas of creativity, and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity. Lore says that it enhances prosperity and brings career success. It is a gentle stone energetically that gives a sense of calm and balance and enhances happiness. It also helps one to see alternatives and potentials in all situations, giving a positive outlook, courage and inner strength.

Amethyst – protects, tranquilizes, heals, cleanses, helps concentration, balances emotions, aids intuition. Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom. It heals hormones, the endocrine system and metabolism. It strengthens and cleanses the organs and systems of elimination. It relieves pain & stress, eases headaches & tension. It reduces bruising, injuries, swelling, hearing disorders. It heals lungs, the respiratory tract, skin conditions, the digestive tract. It removes parasites, balances the absorption of water, and dispels insomnia.

Tiger Eye – is a stone of protection that is also very grounding. It enhances integrity, willpower, practicality and the correct use of power. It is a stone that enhances good luck, and brings prosperity, often in the form of money. Tiger eye is   especially protective during travel. It can also help one see clearly without illusion. It boosts the solar plexus chakra and one’s personal power.

Carnelian – is a stabilizing stone that restores vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity. It promotes courage, positive life choices, motivates for success and dispels apathy. It is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind. It helps in self trust and validates perceptions. It overcomes negative conditioning and encourages steadfastness.

Snowflake Obsidian – calms and soothes, when placed on the sacral chakra; it promotes receptivity to the attention to ingrained patterns of behavior. It teaches one to value mistakes as well as successes. It is a crystal of purity, providing balance for body, mind and spirit.

Labradorite – infuses one’s aura with an energetic light to help protect from taking on the energies of others, while at the same time strengthening one’s personal energies. An excellent stone for those who are empathic, such as therapists and care-providers and who take on the energies of others.



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