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To experience in person, the benefits of Frequency Healing with all of our products and devices, stop by 3 Elements Healing Arts Center in Bayside, Queens.

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Other Countries

We cooperate with many practitioners and holistic clinics around USA and Europe. If you are interested in testing our products, please contact us so we can refer you to one of our dear partners.

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With our partner company in Bayside, Queens we offer several Frequency Healing services which consist of frequency body scans with our Biostar NLS device and frequency healing with our Plasma Generator and MyMat devices.

Biostar NLS Frequency Body Scan is based on the most modern technology which can recognize the current state of biological energy of each organ, tissue, cell, as well as functioning systems in the body, and overall bodily functions, the meridian system and much more. Apart from that, it can also determine in the body any sort of energetic and physical stagnation, imbalances, and pathogenic over growth of microorganisms. Biostar NLS bases the findings through electromagnetic measurements of the body.

The Plasma Generator is an electromagnetic pulse generator that emits radio wave frequencies that are individually programmed. The program is determined based on the frequency body scan mentioned above. This will allow the practitioners to determine which biological energy of the body is out of balance. When exposed to the Plasma Generator with the specific program the body will respond to the frequency being emitted in a way that it will raise its own frequency and adjust to that level of optimal energetic health. Frequency therapy regenerates a weakened immune system that is not able to fight pathogens present in the body.

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