Biostar NLS

Imagine being able to monitor one’s vital signs, and the functioning of internal organs, with rapid feedback?

If you are a natural or holistic health professional, you could expand your clients’ healing and well-being right in your office with the Biostar NLS. This electronic device is designed to measure the nonlinear vortex of the magnetic field of any biological object in minutes. Plug the specially designed headphones into your laptop and initiate the Veritas software, start the program, and let the sensor do the rest!

With the purchase of a Biostar-NLS device, you will receive basic and advanced training classes
by a certified natural health professional; you will also receive continuous online support.

The Biostar-NLS is intended for use by natural/holistic health professionals as well as independent users.


Price upon request


 How does it work? 

Various functions of the body, organs, meridian system and other areas of the body, each resonate with their specific frequency. For example, fat cells resonate on 295.8 Hz, a healthy liver on 317,83 Hz, or healthy blood will resonate on 321,9 Hz. This scientifically based information gives the Biostar NLS tools to estimate and scan which part of the body is not in its optimal healthy well-being within the spectrum of Hz needed for normal functioning.

A Trigger sensor with a Broadband Noise Generator (e.g. an Oscillator diode 2G401V) within the headphones will scan the body while searching for any anomalies against regular optimal Hz of a specific organ, body part, and/or function that is being examined. The signals that are received through the headphone set are then sent to the computer program for further frequency spectral analysis.

The information is displayed, stored and explained through the Veritas software. Any anomaly or oscillation from optimal frequency of a specific part being examined will be clearly explained on the screen with detailed information and a 3D visual of the scanned area. The software will also provide a Meta Therapy that serves to emit the optimal healthy Hz needed for the area which is not at its optimal frequency and, therefore, support raising it to its normal, healthy frequency level.

The first edition of this device is now being used by more than 1000 people in over 70 countries and is part of our FDA road map. Biostar NLS has EU and RU Certifications for the safety of electromagnetic measurement.


What is a Frequency Body Scan?

Biostar NLS Frequency Body Scan is based on the most modern technology which can recognize and assess the current state of biological energy of each organ, tissue, cell, and functioning systems in the body, as well as overall bodily functions, energetic meridian system and much more. Furthermore, it can also determine in the body any sort of energetic and physical stagnation, imbalance, and pathogenic over growth of microorganisms. Biostar NLS bases the findings through an electromagnetic measurement of the body.

Frequency Body Scan is a simple, comfortable and painless process with no side effects what so ever.

Prevention is key in maintaining a healthy body, and this is what we offer through the Biostar NLS Frequency Body Scan. Get to know your body inside and out.




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