ReFaNaLa LLC is continuing the tour around the United States by expanding and spreading the high vibrational frequencies.

In that spirit, here are just a few updates from our recent expo that was held in West Palm Beach, Florida at the Hilton Palm Beach Convention Center.

This expo was a Spring continuation of the New Life Expo that was previously held in New York (visit our March 23 2017 news blog for more information).

As Florida is well known for its superb weather, that did not fail to live to its expectations. We were enthusiastic about this particular Expo as its reputation is highly recognized around the United States. Despite the disappointment of fewer visitors in the long 20 year’s history of this particular Expo, ReFaNaLa LLC managed to keep its high vibrational frequencies.

The overall experience managed to bring more goods and profit in ways that often times money cannot buy. In other words, the network of people that the ReFaNaLa team managed to reach out to was priceless.

Spreading and connecting to unique and inspiring individuals out there that are also on the path of making this world a better place, makes the effort and investments put into this sort of event a priceless experience and inspiration for future work.

The warm weather and smiling people gave the ReFaNaLa team the right amount of joy and energy to carry on the next step in rising the vibrations.

We thank you for following and wish you the inspiration of striving to higher vibrations,

Your ReFaNaLa team – The Marketplace of High Vibrational Products and Ideas – Rise Your Vibrations!