The New Life Expo was held in The New Yorker Wyndham Hotel, a superb location in Midtown West, from March 17-19 2017, part of which was also the first official public launch of ReFaNaLa LLC – Highly Vibrant Living Solutions.

As many of you already know, REFANALA LLC is dedicated to rising vibrations of life and lifestyle and most of the products and frequency healing devices that REFANALA LLC was presenting are based on Nikola Tesla Technology.

This we mention because, intriguingly enough, the place where the New Life Expo was held was the exact hotel where numerous times Nikola Tesla lived and even spent the last days of his life.

This year the New Life Expo, as America’s largest body, mind and spirit Expo, gathered together over 150 companies and experts in the field of holistic medicine and lifestyle with cutting edge information, products and services with a little over 3,000 visitors.

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