Ana Yael Prelog

Ana Yael is firstly a healer. But also a business woman and a great organizer. She is a strong communicator and people connector. World traveler, she often calls herself a global gypsy. Since an early age she has been an intuitive and an empath. Already as a child she always tried to create environments in which all will feel comfortable.

She began her spiritual journey 15 years ago when she began working with a spiritual teacher who introduced her to Reiki and energy healing. That opened her spiritual path of exploring a variety of mystical wisdoms, practices and spiritual traditions.

She comes from a corporate background with two business degrees and a degree in public relations but she always knew her path was in the Healing Arts. After dealing with her own health challenges she left the corporate world to dedicate herself to healing herself and others. She hasn’t looked back since. Since then, she has completed several courses, and certifications on a variety of spiritual and Healing Arts practices.
She is now the co-owner and director of Plasma Saal Ltd. ( Croatia-London-New York, a company that uses a holistic approach to find the root causes of illness. They use safe advanced technologies – Bio resonance frequency scanning that helps Ana Yael get detailed information about a patients organs, the functions of their whole body, as well as the present state of pathogens in the body.
She currently works with Bio Resonance Frequency Scanning, Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Balancing, Fingernail and Tongue Diagnosis, Spiritual Consultations, Nutritional Consultations, Frequency Healing, Herbs, Essential Oil use and application. She is also a certified Moon Mother.
She has performed womb blessings to countless women across The United States, United Kingdom, Israel and Europe.

She is dedicated to spreading wisdom, light and well-being to all beings. When she’s not working, you can find her riding horses in the wind!

Carla T Bosnjak

Carla is the co-owner and director of The Studio @ 3 Elements for the past 6 years, a supportive empowering space that brings various types of yoga, meditation, art and community together. She focuses on bringing open hearts and minds together to uplift and empower one another. The Studio is a part of 3Elements Healing Arts Center a business she co-owns with her family Carla is a native New Yorker who has been on the seekers journey since her early teenage years when she was forced to move to a small island on the Adriatic coast where with no distractions of the big city, was forced to look inward, thus leading her on a fantastic journey connecting her with many interesting and inspiring teachers. She took any and every non-conventional route which eventually lead her back to her hometown New York where she received a degree in Fine and Performing Arts and began a 7 year career at LaMaMa Etc. where she relished in all things experimental. She also performs regularly in her family’s band BAD BUKA, a gypsy punk rock band that brings love, light and celebration through the power of music and its ability to raise consciousness.
She is a certified yoga teacher who teaches many different types of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Restorative yoga, she likes to incorporate lots of creative flows, safe alignment, breath work, sound and awareness. She teaches meditation and performs Sound Healings regularly. She is also a reiki practitioner, doula, placenta specialist and intuitive healer. She regularly holds rituals, classes and ceremony for all stages of life.

Felyn Di Zeta

From the beginning, having grown up in Switzerland where Felyn loved to collect herbs and play with 
mixing plants to create natural remedies, a holistic 
approach to health has always been a big part of Felyn’s life and continued ever since by study and by her own research. Eventually this led her to partner with Plasma Saal as their Health and Fitness Coach.

Now, while she gives Yoga classes, she passionately produces healthy chocolates and sugar free dessert as well. Felyn works consistently with her partners to enhance the body, minds, subconscious and spirits of the people they work with world wide to help them establish methods for leading a sustainable happy and healthy life.

Her yoga classes integrate dynamic flows as well as restorative techniques with emphasis on safe alignment.

Offering: Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Aerial/Anti Gravity Yoga, Kabbalah yoga,Felyn Detox and Hatha

Experience: Yoga Alliance certified over 800 hours
Health & Fitness Coach Diploma
Nutritionist and herbal education