Dear friends and high vibrational lovers!

We are a New York based company and an international online product web shop focusing on bringing high vibrational products to homes around the globe. Refanala LLC has been founded by a group of enthusiasts with a mission of improving people’s wellbeing by providing high vibrant solutions for not only themselves but also their living/working environment. Our vision is to bring Refanala’s high vibrational solutions to every home around the globe.

The concern of today’s living where our bodies are under siege of toxins and chemicals that we are all exposed to in our daily life, food, homes and cities, brought to us a goal through which we have gathered experts to help us negate those negative impacts. These solutions started by enhancing the lives of these enthusiasts but grew into a bigger story of providing it for people around the world and uplifting their environment.

Our mission of bringing high vibrational products into every home begins with 20+ interesting and highly functional products, and this is just the start. We intend to continually enrich our portfolio with new products capable of raising our customer’s vibrations to a higher level, thus improving their well being.

We are excited to present some our first products available for purchase at Refanala  today.

From our Frequency Healing section, you will be able to find the MyMat, a Pulsing Electro Magnetic Frequency device, our fabulous Plasma Generator electromagnetic pulse generator and Biostar NLS, a diagnosis device.

Plasma Generator

Plasma Generator

In High Vibrant Arts, you can choose for yourself or your loved ones some of the beautiful and unique Mandala art works. Mandala art in therapy and healing has been used throughout history, and is relevant today as a tool for meditation, personal growth and expression, as well as an aid establishing a sacred space of psychic order on a spiritual journey. With the help of mandalas, we can gradually find the way to our self; we can become aware of who we are, why we are here, and what is our purpose in life.



High vibrant herbs portion of our website will provide you with the best quality herbs gathered in their natural habitat. They are here to provide you with remedy and abundance of vibrant health at any age!

Among our vibrant jewelry, you will find Orgonite pendants. These powerful pendants will keep your energy, mental and spiritual well being in balance. What makes them even cooler is the option of choosing your own personal, tailor made design with your own spiritual symbol embedded into it.

Radiation and positive ions lower our frequencies and harm our health. Make sure you and your home are free from EMF radiation by acquiring Bioprotector products, specifically designed to provide effective EMF protection by balancing the deformed electromagnetic field and harmonizing the bio field of the human body.

Our intention is for Refanala to be a place where our customers will visit when looking for innovative products that raise vibrations or simply discover what’s new in the worlds of vibrational and/or alternative medicine, frequency healing and all other related areas…

If you share our love for high frequencies and alternative medicine related, do get in touch – we will be happy to publish your relevant thoughts and ideas on our pages.

Your high vibrational Refanala team