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I have always believed in magic and miracles–or at least tried to, but the strong, analytical side of me prods me to take everything with “a grain of salt.” I wanted to believe in the orgonite but never really expected to enjoy anything but the beauty of the piece itself.


I began wearing it when I sleep and find myself holding it. Its smooth, cool surface is reassuring and I sleep better;

I feel stronger and less annoyed by my highly stressful environment; in addition, I am surrounded by computers and wi-fi in my home.

For five years I have been suffering with various types of migraine; visual migraine and vertigo induced by migraine. I track all my episodes.

I have not had a “major,” visual migraine since I am wearing my pendant and the two episodes I did experience were resolved in a few short minutes.

I have had ongoing itching on my upper back for years, likely part of an over-active neurological problem that is part of the migraine syndrome. It began again this morning when I awoke: I put one pendant directly on the area, wearing it backwards, on my skin and a second one in the front; within minutes the itching stopped and didn’t bother me all day.

Perhaps there IS “magic,” or maybe we just haven’t been looking in the right place for natural solutions for our health issues. Who knows? But everything is worth a try and the orgonite is one gorgeous way to give natural healing a chance.

Susan Kalish

Sue Kalish orgonite pendants April 19, 2017

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