/Frequency Healing
  • Plasma Generator is an electromagnetic pulse generator that emits radio wave frequencies.Scientifically it has been proven by many researches such as Nikola Tesla, Dr. Albert Abrams,Dr. Rolay Rife, Dr. Hulde Clark and Dr. Lakovsky that each organ, tissue, cell, bacteria, virus, meridian, etc., resonate on their certain spectrum of frequencies. These frequencies range whether the specific part of the body or bodily function is in balance or out of balance.When exposed to the Plasma Generator with the specific program the body will respond to the frequency being emitted in a way that it will raise its own frequency and adjust to that level of optimal energetic health. Frequency therapy regenerates weakened immune system that is not able to fight pathogens present in the body. When the body is on its optimal energetic level, the self-healing process of the body is activated and in charge.This device can transmit frequencies to specifically target and help expel pathogen organisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungous) that can be found in the human body causing various illnesses, while at the same time patient’s general condition and biological functions in the body will remain intact. Clinical research has shown that human immune system can dispose of pathogen organisms’ with in three weeks of treatment. 

  • MyMat

    MyMatThe MyMat is a Pulsing Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) device, which produces dynamic therapeutic signals that create a symphony of waves that stimulate cells to restore their biological communication pathways, thus, induce the body’s natural healing process.MyMat’s frequencies generate low intensity harmonic electro-magnetic signals that range in frequencies between 1Hz – 200Hz that stimulate cells to induce body’s natural self-healing processes. MyMat’s frequencies help activate the body’s self-regulation processes to improve well-being and the elimination of problematic symptoms in cells, tissues and organs, which occur from stress, poor nutrition, toxins, environment, trauma and aging.The MyMat offers possibilities to experience these harmonic frequencies from the comfort of your home, once or while you are on the move by simply downloading the MyMat Application on your phone or tablet.
  • Imagine being able to monitor one's vital signs, and the functioning of internal organs, with rapid feedback?If you are a natural or holistic health professional, you could expand your clients' healing and well-being right in your office with the Biostar NLS. This electronic device is designed to measure the nonlinear vortex of the magnetic field of any biological object in minutes. Plug the specially designed headphones into your laptop and initiate the Veritas software, start the program, and let the sensor do the rest!With the purchase of a Biostar-NLS device, you will receive basic and advanced training classes by a certified natural health professional; you will also receive continuous online support.The Biostar-NLS is intended for use by natural/holistic health professionals as well as independent users. Price upon request